Why read my blog? Well, I guess you’ve got it right inĀ front of you and might find some humour, empathy & light-bulb moments out of it, so why not take a gander?

Me? I’m a young Aussie, living in the sunny state of Western Australia, in our isolated capital city Perth. It’s a sprawling mini city snuggled by beautiful beaches (Oh, but only two you are “allowed” to ride on – what a joke!). Our paddocks are the high maintenance type, demanding endless showers of bore water in the summer months to get a bit of green pick, and turning into a sludgy mess in the winter. Depending what weather man you ask, will depend what the weather will be like – sunny? Rainy? Stormy? Bipolar? None of them know.

At the time of starting this blog, I am trying to deal with the passing of my first horse. This blog is my attempt at reconnecting with the horse world, after the loss of that once-in-a-lifetime unicorn made me want to push everything away – and I did, for a while. And then, the golden child came along – a young pally QH that in all cases maybe I shouldn’t have gotten. But I did. Do I regret it? No. Does it ease the pain of losing my unicorn? No. But it makes my life less of the grieving, black hole that it had turned into and he makes me smile and laugh!

Yikes, emotion level is too high! Let’s get out! Abort! Find a post, give it a read, leave a comment, follow, run, hide, whatever – see you when I’m looking at you!

Keep on going!