Two Horses For The Price of One!


This isn’t even the worst of it. This was the first sign that I was going to spend thirty minutes each day trying to tease out an extra pony’s worth of hair out for the next few weeks.

It’s that time of year, where you no longer have to think about working out your arms at the gym – you have that (un)satisfying ache every evening!

I struggled with curry combs, brushes, mitts – in the end my best $5.99 I spent was on this shedding blade thingamabob from my local stock-feeders.


Although I have been flooded via Facebook of all kind of the latest new gadgets to remove hair – furminators, knobbly gloves, crazy scary looking metal blade-brush hybrids.

But really, there’s nothing that’s going to take the hard work out of it right? Or wrong? Do you guys have something that can beat my good old local stock-feeder provided shedding blade?

Even if I spend ages, the next day after my ride my legs are still gonna look like this!


Lucky I don’t ride bareback!

Even patting my gelding will end up with me blessed with a trillion white and yellow hairs all over my (handily) dark coloured clothing. It’s like a taste of my own medicine – my long hair is usually found by my partner in strange places, and our bathroom is invaded shortly after one stroke through my hair with my brush.

I  am a lamington coming home – my dark clothes, covered in white horse hair, and just in case there’s any spot left, my dog will bound up and slather me with saliva to match my horse’s drooled up dinner mash on my sleeves, and shower me with thick black fur in a helpful attempt to cover up the horse’s!

Oh well, I wear their love everyday – I think only the washing machine and the people at the shops tend to mind!

Are you the same? Is there a magical spell to ward off the fur? Would you use it anyway, or continue through life covered in your loved furbaby/s hair?


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