The Sand Flush Experiment – Day One

*Note: One day is from the morning I feed, to the next morning when I monitor.

Fussy gelding proceeded to intake pellets, then turn his head and spit them out.
Broke owner caught said pellets with her “I’m-not-letting-you-waste-$46.50” reflexes. Proceeded to drizzle with molasses as gelding nickered happily.
He ate it.
Little bugger.
Palatability? 0/10

Stomach Sounds:
Pre Experiment: Oh, a day by the beach. Ocean waves loud and roaring for around 6cms worth (Not sure if this even makes a difference but hey, maybe it will to a scientific mind)
Scared my butt. Hopefully this experiment goes quickly so I can organise a drench.

Day One’s Monitoring Time: Seems to be very similar to the day before, except less gut noise.

Poop Content:
*Owner realises how stupidly she didnt check the colour of the gloves, so when taking photos its hard for you to see where the sand level is at in the fingertips. Oops. I’m not a very good scientist.

Pre Experiment: Sand level about 2cm in glove.
Day One’s Monitoring Time: Sand level about 2cm in glove. Less poos available.

Horse Symptoms:
None to be observed.


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