Why Start A Blog?

Hello out there, look what chaos you have stumbled upon.
A young university student’s attempt at procrastination? An everyday account of that lovely and not-so-lovely world of horses? An attempt at creating conversation between similar-minded people? The trials and achievements of one of your kind? A journal documenting the struggle of life and horses and work and uni? A cry for help and advice? And maybe so much more.

Basically, this is me and my thoughts & experiences with horses and life. But it’s not just me. I want you as well – actually, no not in that way. I mean I want your comment, your input, your photos, your advice, experiences, trials, questions – everything! Ask, laugh, hate, critique, advise, smile, encourage, discourage, haunt, stalk, yell, cry – interact.

So please, feel free to leave a reply to any of my posts, or contact me (I understand haters are gonna hate, so I’ll put my big girl panties on if you seem to have an issue, but hopefully there’s no nastiness!). I want to know you are reading, and I’m not just talking to myself aimlessly!

So, get to it! Let me know what you think, how you feel, whatever!



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